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Who Did The Plumbing In Your Home?

Calling in the experts to fix your plumbing problems

Think you can handle the plumbing in your new home yourself? There’s so much to think about when purchasing a home and unless you’re an expert, you might want to think again…

Did a professional do the plumbing in your home?

Have you recently agreed to purchase a home or moved into a new house and want to know whether the plumbing works like it should? Or perhaps you’ve been in your home for a while and have suddenly started to notice the plumbing playing up a little.

Don’t despair – a plumbing survey is easy to pre-purchase and chances are any problems can be fixed. To check that connections are correct and visible plumbing work is up to standard a pre purchased plumbing survey can give you peace of mind when purchasing a home. Once you’re all moved in you may discover little problems such as a small leak in your hot water system, you can take these simple measures to find it and get help quick to fix it.

Checking for leaks

Firstly, check the pressure relief valve on your hot water system. Spotting any excess water around the base of the system could indicate a leak. Some older tanks have an release drip however this generally expels only a small amount of water.

Check your toilets for leaks or running water into the bowl. By removing the lid off the tank and listening for a hissing or running water sound you may spot a leak. A continual flow of water into the bowl could be just a sign that the cistern needs attention and parts replacing. However if you feel the leak is much larger and your front lawn is greener than green, it could be a leak between the mains valve meter box to the house.

To check the line running from the meter to the house you’ll need the specialised equipment and experience of a good plumber such as Express Plumbing & Gas.

The dangers of DIY plumbing and drainage

If you do discover a leak, you might think that you can easily fix the problem yourself, but there’s a good reason plumbers go through an apprenticeship and get their plumber’s licence before they begin their trade. Plumbing is more complex than you might think and if you decide to DIY the job you risk making the problem worse, even causing extensive damage or removing the opportunity to use your insurance to cover your costs.

Hot water systems combine both plumbing and electrical elements, and should only ever be serviced or repaired by a qualified technician. They will be able to safely complete any required work and ensure quality results.

How do you know if your drainage meets the correct standards?

It’s estimated that up to 30% of new homeowners don’t realise there’s a plumbing problem with their new home until it’s too late.(

When purchasing an older home it’s important to check that any home renovations were undertaken by an expert and local council approvals were obtained.

A full building inspection will uncover any issues to be addressed prior to moving in. Ask to see the full report and if necessary plans can generally be purchased from the local council and should show any amendments and council approval notices.

What can you do to protect yourself from repair costs on a DIY drainage job from the previous homeowner?

If any problems are found with the home you intend to purchase, you have the option to ask the seller to fix the problem before you move in or negotiate the price of the sale to help cover the costs of fixing the issues.

Be sure to understand your insurance policy and see if it requires or recommends you get a specific survey in order to guarantee your insurance will cover these costs on the new property.

Follow these simple steps and increase your chances of avoiding a plumbing disaster in your new home! Once you’re all moved in the last thing you want or need is a big plumbing bill. So call the team at Express Plumbing & Gas for expert attention and service on all your Hot Water, Gas and Plumbing needs.