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Did you know that even efficient, modern washing machines can use up to 100 litres of water per cycle? So when something goes wrong, it’s not just an emergency – it’s a potential flood in your home. That’s a potential household emergency that not only causes a big mess and could cost you a lot of money, but it could be unsafe as well.


So why does a washing machine flood? Normally, it’s because of a blockage somewhere, with the machine carrying on its task of pumping water until the pressure becomes too much.

These blockages can either be because of something like a sock, or because debris is building up in the pipes or trough, which can happen particularly with the modern trend of using warm or cold water rather than hot. One tip is to use a biological powder, which will break down organic waste, and another is to not overload your machine.

Even if prevention is always better than a flood, we know that things sometimes just go wrong. So, if you find yourself ankle deep in grey water, here’s what to do.

Safety first

You won’t always know where the flood of water is coming from, or where it is going, so your first thought should not be your floor, appliance or home, but safety. So turn off the power, and to be really sure, do it at the power box. Don’t just yank out the power cord, because it might have minor damage and be exposed to water.

Be aware that – particularly in the laundry – the floor will be incredibly slippery due to the soapy and dirty water, but attempt to open the machine, removing the wet clothes. Wringing them out now will help get rid of any standing water left in the machine that could flood out once the mess is eventually cleared.

This is also a good time to find out where the leak is coming from. Most washing machines work in basically the same way, with water supplied from the source and draining to the trough with pipes that may have burst. It’s most likely that debris has simply blocked your laundry trough.

That’s because your laundry is perhaps the hardest working room of your house, and a veritable hot-bed for all that debris, lint, scum and you-name-it to become clogged. So when the pursuit for clean and crisp clothes results in nothing short of a grey and smelly flood, you will want your hardest-worked roon to be tended to by the hardest working plumbers in the business – and hard-working plumbers that understand the emergency and can get there quickly.

Because Express Plumbing are local – servicing inner Melbourne, the inner east, north east, south east, eastern suburbs and Bayside – we can arrive at your place before the situation has developed into a full crisis. Our vans are fully stocked with all the latest gear and parts we need to fix it up, dislodge the blockage and clean your drains. We use the latest technology to get your drains cleaner than ever, CCTV drain cameras to make sure the coast is clear, and even wet vacs so you can start getting back on track ASAP!

So if you need your laundry flood fixed and fast, call Express Plumbing on 1300 968 328.