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Tree Roots Entering Drains During Drier Months

Picture above: Hydro Jet blasting out a blocked drain.

As we enter Spring and the dry Summer period, tree roots will go searching for any available water in order to survive, including your sewer pipes & drains. During this time they can grow up to 30 times more than during winter. Roots only need a small crack to gain access into your drains. Once inside the drains, the roots can grow quickly, exerting enough growth to block, damage or collapse the sewer and drain pipes. This can potentially cause major damage, flooding and even health issues!! 

This can be avoided through drain maintenance, clearing & inspection.

We recommend pro-active drain maintenance to avoid future ‘headaches’ by undertaking a CCTV Camera Inspection of your drains and if required a Hydro Jet to clear out any build up in your pipes/drains.

However, it should be noted that just like cutting back a shrub or tree, the roots will eventually come back bigger and stronger unless permanent action is taken. We have the tools and experience to undertake permanent action against drain infested drains if required.

Express Plumbing & Gas owner Adrian has 30 years of experience in plumbing and drainage. Express Plumbing & Gas utilize state of the art CCTV Camera, Locator and Hydro Jet technology to assist with drainage issues.

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