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Top 4 Essential Questions to Ask your Plumber

When hiring a Plumber for an important job – whether it’s simple home repairs, a low scale renovation project, or extensive plumbing jobs for larger buildings or centres – it’s essential that you find the right plumber for the job and know the information before signing contracts with them.

Failure to understand legalities and not verifying information with the contractor can cost you more in penalties or emergency repairs long term, and can also void any valid warranties on any systems due to use of an unlicensed contractor.

So what to look for when choosing your plumber?

Let’s take a look at the top four essential questions you need to ask before hiring a contractor for your task.

1) Are you Licenced?

The most important factor in deciding who to hire for a contracting job is if the plumber has the correct and current qualifications relevant to your state laws or regulations.

Failure to have current qualifications relevant to the service means that any guarantees and warranties may be void due to not following building regulations, and also means that the completed works may not hold up to pass building site regulations.

2) Who Will be Completing the Plumbing Job?

Licenced contractors need to make sure any additional workers also have the correct qualifications for the task to maintain the validity of warranties and site validation.

3) What if something fails to work properly, or it breaks?

Check your contract efficiently for details on what is included in your warranty. Some contractors will cover the completed work to a year’s time frame to come back and fix any issues, some others will only issue replacement parts if anything is faulty.

Make sure you know what will occur in these situations and what your warranty will provide you.

4) What guarantees will you provide in case of faulty equipment issues?

Faulty parts, while sometimes inevitable, can be prevented from breaking a second time round if prevention are put in place.

If you know the cause of the fault, and ways to reduce the risk of the fault occurring again, it’s best to take steps towards reducing the risk of faults occurring repeatedly.

Ask your plumber for advice on the best maintenance methods to keep parts working efficiently and for any advice on how to prevent the same issue from reoccurring in the future.

Make sure your contractor has specifically listed in full detail any guarantees for all workmanship he provides, and make sure you understand what guarantees are available for all aspects of your service.

It’s highly important to understand what guarantees your contractor will and will not allow for in times of necessary repairs. Fittings may have a separate timeframe to claim warranty than the actual work warranty needed to replace faulty parts.

If you’re looking to get a major job quoted, make sure the contract is fully and extensively detailed to be fully informed of included guarantees and what to expect in any situation as a result of the service provided.

Faulty workmanship and poor job conduct can cost the business owner a great deal financially.

By making sure your contractor is fully licenced, and knowing the full details of warranty and guarantees the contractor offers before signing, you protect your business from unnecessary costs by paying for the exact same service twice.