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Strange Sounds Coming From Your Drains?

Bubbling and Gurgling sounds coming from your Sinks?

Do your drains make strange gurgling sounds?

Does your sink bubble and run slowly?

If your shower, bath or toilet fails to drain as quickly as it should, or if there are odd smells or sounds emanating from down below, your drains could be blocked. Blocked drains are more common than you might think, and the only way to find out what is really going on down there is to do an inspection of your drains with a special CCTV camera.

Express Plumbing and Gas are experts at CCTV camera inspections, whereby a camera is inserted inside your drains in order to reveal the cause of the blockage. You can see for yourself on a special TV screen what the camera can see, so there’s no guessing what the problem is, and you won’t be misled by anyone talking “technical” terms that you won’t understand.

What could be causing my blocked drains?

Blocked drains can have a number of causes, including:

• Outside elements, such as tree roots or dead leaves
• Build-ups of paper towels or sanitary products
• Masses of congealed food particles, grease and oil
• Build-ups of body hair
• Insufficient venting

Whatever the reason for the annoying noises you’re experiencing is, the CCTV camera will throw some light on what is causing the blockage, so it can be remedied. The camera can even show you if your drain is cracked, if the joints are leaking, and even if the drain is partially collapsed.

What if my drain needs repairing?

Repairing your drain is much easier when you know exactly which part is causing the problem. Our expert plumbers will conduct a thorough camera drain inspection that reveals the inside of your drains. The camera is fully flexible and can even be used if the drain is full of water.

Once the cause of your bubbling and gurgling sounds has been identified, the team at Express Plumbing and Gas will repair your drain quickly and easily, without the need to dig up large sections of your garden – this would be necessary if the team were ‘blind’ to what was going on down below. Of course, with the help of technology, they’re omniscient!

We can also use the footage filmed by the camera to show which sections of your drain pipes could be relined. Relining just the damaged section of your drain could save you having to excavate the drain. This is faster, easier and often cheaper than digging up your drains.

You don’t have to live with blocked drains or strange noises coming from your drains. Call the team at Express Plumbing and Gas on 1300 968 328 to get fast and affordable repairs to your blocked drains. It all starts with a camera drain inspection from one of our expert plumbers.