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Repair And Maintenance Of Gas Fittings Could Save Lives

Gas has a distinctive smell and taste that we all know – or we all should know, at least.

Repair and maintenance of gas fittings could save lives

Gas has a distinctive smell and taste that we all know – or we all should know, at least. If you can smell gas in your home you could have a leak, and it could be very dangerous. But you don’t have to wait until you can smell the problem to do something to prevent it.

Gas fittings can cause gas leaks

Gas is highly combustible and could cause an explosion or a flashover of flames – both causing damage, injury and, in the worst instances, even death. Even a small buildup of gas from a leak can be dangerous, so it’s vital that any gas burning appliances you have working in your home or business are installed properly. The most common gas leak is from the gas fittings, the connections between the gas mains and pipes and the appliance itself. It’s vital that this installation work is handled by a professional to avoid any DIY mistakes. Proper installation of gas appliances is the first step for avoiding damaging gas leaks.

Maintenance of gas fittings is vital 

Gas fittings can become loose, corroded or can even fail altogether after many years of use. Gas fittings are usually made from tough metals like copper or stainless steel, but after many years of wear and tear and pressure, these can fail and cause a leak.

This is especially true for older homes and commercial units, which have older gas systems and often still use legacy appliances that place strain on the fittings.  On top of proper installation, the best way to prevent a gas leak from a gas fitting is to make sure it’s in good repair by doing regular checks. A disciplined maintenance programme will help you identify any risks, spot any damage and form a plan to make repairs. This will stop any dangerous leaks from occurring and could even save lives and prevent damage from occurring.

Gas fitting repairs must be done

If you have a gas leak, it has to be sorted out quickly. It will only get worse and increase the chances of property damage or injury to you and your family or staff. Most repairs to gas fittings are straightforward, inexpensive and quick to do.  However, it’s vital that any repairs to your home or commercial property’s gas fittings or systems are performed by a licensed and qualified professional.  

Gas leak repairs in Melbourne 

Leaks from gas systems are a common problem in Victoria, especially in older, more established parts of Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs. Older homes or commercial properties will typically have more complex or outdated gas main systems compared to new build homes and facilities. This means a regular gas maintenance program is essential to stop damaging, dangerous gas leaks from occurring. Taking simple steps such as regular inspections of the gas fittings will greatly help to reduce the risk. However, if damage is detected, it’s vital that any gas leak repairs in Melbourne needed are conducted swiftly.