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Renovating a Bathroom – Getting a Plumber’s Input

It’s easy to get carried away looking at bathroom designs and wanting to have the latest trends when you’re renovating a bathroom, but before you let your imagination run away with you, it’s important to talk to a plumber.

If a plumber assesses your bathroom before beginning renovations, they will take into account the current trends in bathrooms from a different angle, which is from a plumbing perspective.

A plumber knows all the crucial information on what will make your bathroom function well and will help you avoid forking out money unnecessarily for features that may not be suitable.

What Plumbers Look for Before Renovating your Bathroom

Before a plumber will begin your renovation they will initially locate your hot and cold water pipes and waste pipes.

It is essential for them to map these out before considering your bathroom design because if you go ahead with a renovation before this is done, re-configuring to reach your pipes can be very expensive and messy.

Also if you go ahead and buy plumbing fixtures because you like the design, you may find out that you can’t use these in the end.

Plumbers can also offer other vital tips before renovating, such as the right hot water system to buy to accommodate you and your family.

The Importance of your Builder and Plumber Collaborating on bathroom Renovations

Both the plumber and builder have roles to play when you are having your bathroom renovated, which is why it’s important that they both collaborate for the project to run smoothly.

Depending on what each party is required to do, the time frames they are available should be mapped out in advance to streamline the project and ensure it’s completed in the allocated time.

If either the builder or the plumber is project managing the renovations, whoever is in charge needs to also allocate time for other tradespeople who are involved in the renovation, so organisation is integral to this.

Another reason why the builder and plumber need to collaborate is to ensure that Australian standards are adhered to for the renovation to be legally compliant.

For example, Australian Standards (AS 3740-1994) outline the waterproofing regulations that all bathrooms must comply with 

Let Your Plumber and Builder Buy materials

While you may think that buying your own materials and fixtures for the renovation will save you money, it often ends up costing you more because you forget things or buy the wrong materials and have to keep running back and forth to the local hardware or plumbing supply store.

Let your plumber and builder buy the materials as they know exactly what they need and they can get these for a discounted rate.

It will also result in you feeling less stressed for the duration of the bathroom renovation, along with you not annoying your tradespeople by being short on materials when they’re trying to get the renovation done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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