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Planning Your Plumbing In A New Build

Planning your Plumbing in a New Build 

When you’re building a new home, there are so many design and construction elements to consider, that it’s easy to forget to plan your plumbing. 

Even though the plumbing plan is essential to the design and layout of a new home, it’s often overlooked, causing added expense further down the track in renovations if the drainage, hot water system or pipeline structure isn’t suitable for a growing family. 

By speaking to your plumber and having a plan made initially as to what plumbing layout they would recommend for the design of your new home, it can save you time and money both during and after your build.

Permissions and permits

Before you build your new home, it’s crucial that you have all the necessary permissions and permits for your new residential plumbing installation, so that it passes the Victorian Building Authority plumbing and drainage regulations.

 If you’re uncertain what you need, ask your plumber and he will update you on this. You can also contact the Master Plumbers Association for further information on the plumbing requirements for new builds. 

Arrange a consultation with your plumber 

It’s a smart option to organise an on-site consultation with your plumber to discuss your new home layout and listen to any feedback and advice they may have for plumbing layout, fittings and appliances to use. So that you have the necessary information you need for plumbing a new home, here are some of the questions that are a good idea to ask:

  • What type of pipework is the best option to use, either copper or plastic?
  • Where should all the plumbing fixtures be positioned?
  • What style of spouting, gutters and down pipes should you use? 
  • Do you need a dedicated reticulation system with an anti-backflow valve? (If installing a big watering system for your garden)
  • What type of hot water system would be best? (Gas, solar or electric)
  • How large a capacity hot water system would you need if you have a family or are planning to have a family in future?
  • What style of vanity and toilets would suit your home design?
  • Where should the pipelines be located? (Depending on the room layout in your new home design)
  • What type of fittings and appliances should you use?

Have your plumber draft a plumbing plan

After you’ve had a consultation with your plumber to determine the plumbing layout, fittings and appliances that will suit your new home design, organise for them to outline the specs in a plumbing plan, to prevent any mistakes being made during the build.

 If you don’t do this, once work has begun, changes can be very expensive.

Building a new home in Victoria and need a plumbing plan and installation undertaken? 

Express Plumbing are the residential plumbing specialists, with many years’ experience designing plumbing layouts and installing plumbing for new builds. 

Contact the friendly team today to arrange a consultation and save on future expensive renovations caused by poor plumbing planning.