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Old Blocked Drains Can Cause Major Flooding in Your Home

A blocked drain is definitely one of the worst things that can happen to your home and garden’s plumbing system.

Blocked drains can cause major flooding in your home and garden, overflowing sewage and damage to your pipes and wall spaces – even an old drain that’s having trouble keeping up with your everyday life can cause trouble if left unchecked.

The kinds of problems can cause some very expensive damage and in the past, if a drain acted up, the only solution was to rip it out and replace it with a new one. 

But these days, new technologies have come on the scene that can overhaul an old drain and help prevent major plumbing problems like flooding.

Clearing drain blockages

If you have a blocked drain, Express Plumbing & Gas services will come quickly to your home or business, assess the problem and give you an upfront price to fix it.

We then inspect your blocked drains with our CCTV drains camera to pinpoint the exact area of the problem causing the blockage. There could be cracks and holes or even intrusions by the roots of trees.

Using high-pressure jets, we dislodge roots and wash them away, a much superior method than traditional methods. We repair cracks, preventing further infiltration, using revolutionary, no-dig relining technology. No chemicals. No digging

Pipe relining can make old drains new again

In the past, a faulty or damaged drain had to be ripped up and replaced with a new one. At Express Plumbing & Gas, we have the solution, no worries. 

To help our customers get the best results, we have new technology like pipe lining. This technology not only repairs most old and damaged drains and pipes; it also extends their effective working life. 

Pipe relining works by inserting a soft lining, similar to an inner tube for a bicycle, into the damaged drain or pipe. The next step is to start a chemical process that makes the liner hard and strong, covering up any cracks and stopping any more roots getting in.

This is a brilliant option for repairing old drains and pipes and making them just like new again. Instead of digging up the backyard lawn or the paving stones, we can simply line the drain and the pipes and have them working again in a jiffy.

Express Plumbing & Gas has the technology

Plumbing is one of the world’s oldest professions – but it’s always got a new innovation on hand to bring better results.

High pressure water cleaning, CCTV inspections and pipe lining are three new technologies we use at Express Plumbing & Gas to enhance our ability to repair blocked drains and pipes and stop major problems in their tracks.

So give us a call today for fast results with the best technology.