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Melbourne Weather Vs. Your Drains

Cleaning, Maintenance & Repair: Drain Services for All Seasons

Extreme weather requires quality drain maintenance

With ‘four seasons in a day’ and 365 days a year, a Melbourne drain can go through up to 1460 weather changes each year! Although that may be an slight exaggeration, it’s true that Melbourne drains can take a beating, thanks to a range of weather extremes from unrelenting winter rains, to scorching summers.

It’s no wonder that drains repairs and maintenance are part of our key services. We have seen it all. From cracked, clogged and bogged, there is no drain that we can’t tackle. Thanks to our experience—almost 25 years—we have developed some leading techniques to deal specifically with Melbourne drains. These services include preventative plumbing measuresdrain cleaningcamera drain inspectionsunblocking and repairs.

Here we share with you some of the key seasonal problems and opportunities when it comes to drains and pipes. To book a drain service, inspection or repair, contact our friendly Melbourne customer service team on 1300 968 328.


A drain’s least busy period are the hot summer months between December and February. This is a time when rain is less frequent, which means less storm water and less flooding from outdoor drains. This is an opportunity to make sure that your plumbing and drainage systems are all in working order for the year ahead.

Normally you would only call the plumber when things are visibly wrong. However, by using these dryer months as a time for preventative plumbing you can save you money, time and hassle by detecting potential problems early.

For example, thirsty trees looking for a water source may enter drainage systems during these dry months. As these roots establish they cause blockages and pipe damage. Our high tech CCTV system can examine potential problems without the need for digging or guesswork, making them a cost effective preventative plumbing solution.


This season brings cooler weather and colour to tree lined Melbourne streets and eastern suburbs. As these trees start to shed their leaves, they get mixed up with the seasonal wet weather. This can be a challenging time for your outdoor drains and pipes, which can easily get clogged up in the change of season.

Backed-up drains and piping can lead to flooding and puddles around your home. When this happens, it’s time to call in the experts. Our team of plumbers can identify where the source of the blockage is, and how to tackle and fix the problem. If possible, we may be able to remove the blockage without the need to replace the affected piping, which will keep costs low.


Winter in Melbourne is characterised by wet days and chilling winds. The sustained rain takes its toll on storm water and household drainage systems—it can be hard to avoid all the puddles that collect due to improper drainage.

During this time, it’s important that your drains remain functional. A blocked drain can turn a small trickle into a flash flood. This improper drainage can compromise the structural integrity of your home’s foundations. The ultimate price of a blocked drain could be thousands of dollars in repairs later down the track.

Our non-invasive drain maintenance solutions means that we can get your drains and pipes flowing back to maximum capacity during these wet winter months.


After the dreary months of cold winter, the first signs of warm Melbourne weather can feel like a blessing. As it happens, your garden plants and trees feel the same way. New life springs up, and the old kick-start their branches and blossoms. But it’s under the surface which can be a problem for your piping.

Tree roots are a major cause of outdoor drain troubles. They can crack old earthenware pipes commonly found in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, and make their way inside. In the past, the only solution was to dig up the backyard to remove the pipe and the offending roots, which was a costly and time consuming process.

Thankfully, there is now better technology. Our tree root removal service can dislodge tree roots without disrupting your garden. Cracks can then be repaired without digging up your backyard, using our pipe relining technology.

Express Plumbing for all seasons

Each season has its own unique set of problems for your household drains. Express Plumbing has a solution for all these seasonal pipe and drain issues, including maintenance, repair, relining and inspection.

Of course, the best drain solution is prevention, rather than repairs. When you start to see the signs of a blocked drain, it means that the damage has already been done. We use leading technology to detect plumbing problems before they become an issue, saving you from having to conduct expensive repairs and replacement later down the track.

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