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How To Avoid DIY Bathroom Renovation Disasters

Why you should use a Professional Plumber

Sure, it’s exciting to renovate, especially when you have the opportunity to transform a drab or outdated bathroom into one that’s trendy and modern. But while it may be tempting to do all the work yourself and save, it’s also important for you to enlist the help of a plumber, especially when it comes to planning the design of your bathroom right so that it’s functional, and meets Australian regulations and standards.

Why should you use a plumber rather than DIY?

Doing the work yourself can be tempting as you’ll not only reduce your cost, but you’ll also have a lot of fun getting creative and seeing your hard work pay off. However, if you’re not a qualified plumber, you can encounter problems.

Bathrooms need careful planning so they can function well with more than one user in the space. Also, the bathroom needs to look stylish and attractive. Doors situated in the wrong area can create significant problems later on.

What other problems can DIY specialists encounter?

No light or air circulation

Dark, damp bathrooms are not inviting. Plus, they develop mildew fast, which can damage walls and other structures in the building. So make sure you have a window or skylight in your bathroom and install an exhaust fan.

Poor functionality

Regardless of whether you’re designing the main bathroom or en suite, you need to be practical. Consider the space required to move around the bathroom and to use the shower without knocking your knees or banging the glass door against the basin. You also need to consider who is using the area. If it’s predominately your children, make sure the bathtub is easy for them to get into and out of, this will help to avoid accidents such as slipping or falling.

If you’re designing an en suite for you and your partner, you may like this to be more lavish. But still, make sure that you allocate enough space for all fittings and fixtures.

Placing the toilet in the wrong area

There’s nothing worse than walking into a bathroom and being greeted by the toilet. The toilet should be recessed or hidden from view with a small wall; it can also be self-contained in a separate room so it has a more private feel. By separating the toilet from the main bathroom, it can also be used when someone else wishes to use the bathroom.

Lastly, before you start your renovation project, it’s important to remember that all plumbing in Australia must meet government regulated standards and be fitted by a licensed plumber. This legislation ensures that all plumbing throughout Australia is safe and operates efficiently to remove waste from your home. Failure to comply with these rules can result in prosecution, especially if the renovation causes harm to another person.