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Dirty Drains – A Real Australian Health Concern

Every responsible Australian homeowner or resident keeps their house clean, well maintained and hygienic – because what’s more important than you and your family’s health and well-being?

It’s the toilets, sinks, kitchens and bathrooms that should always be a particular area of focus for responsible homeowners because wet areas can be especially troublesome when it comes to hygiene and health.

But beyond keeping these areas dry and clean on the surface, there are hazards that lurk a little deeper. We’re talking about drains. Or, to be specific, dirty drains.

Because the hazards of dirty drains lie below the surface and away from the naked eye, they can easily be overlooked.

But trouble could be brewing that could cause your valuable home damage and serious health issues for your family.

It’s not hard to figure out why dirty drains are a problem – just think about all that stuff that goes gurgling down them.

Not all of it flows nicely away from your pipes, which can lead to stagnating water and all sorts of hazards.

Let’s examine just a few:

1. Smell

Already sniffing something a little musty in your home? It could be that your drains are dirty and beginning to block.

Unfortunately, it can get worse and worse – and that smell is definitely not healthy. It causes everything from stress to headaches and tiredness, and that’s if the smell itself isn’t even toxic.

2. Damp

If your drains are not clearing, water can begin to leak and accumulate elsewhere. Damp in your floor or walls can seriously affect the structural integrity of your home and increase your risk of flooding.

3. Mold and mildew

If you smell that dirty drain smell or see those patches of damp, your house is almost certainly hosting mold and mildew.

Those mold spores can go airborne and cause health issues including respiratory problems, nervous system issues and even depression.

4. Pests

This sort of damp and stagnant water is nothing short of loved by all sorts of unwanted and unhealthy pests.

We’re talking about mozzies, which carry germs or diseases, as well as drain or moth flies, which breed in your dirty trains and feed on the microorganisms that grow within.

If the infestation is bad enough, you could develop bronchial asthma.

5. Sewer exposure

If the affected drains involve your home’s sewer management, this exposes your family – and your wider community – to particular risks.

Raw sewage, including bacteria, fecal matter and other drain nasties can give you viruses, parasites and gastro.

6. Diseases

Unfortunately, there are plenty of infectious diseases that can be transmitted by dirty drains and contaminated water, and many of them are listed by the Australian government 

Among some other common diseases caused by dirty drains are:

– Campylobacteriosis, caused by contaminated water
– Typhoid, of which younger children are particularly at risk of
– Peptic ulcer disease, caused by the most common dirty drain bacteria
– Legionella, a bacteria that exists even in uncontaminated water

7. Pre-existing conditions

If you already have health issues, dirty drains are only going to make them worse. Asthma, for instance, can be exacerbated, as can certain allergies and skin complaints.

As this article makes clear, dirty drains can be a real problem, not just for your valuable home but for the even more valuable health of your family.

To be on the safe side, get your drains checked today by the experts – because an easy fix today can prevent big problems in the future from ever occurring.