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Get Your Hot Water Ready For The Winter Chill

Get your hot water ready for the winter chill

Winter is coming – and your hot water system needs to be prepared. Because there’s nothing worse than getting up on a cold morning, turning on the hot tap and having ice cold water rain down on you from the shower head.

Scores of things can affect the performance of your hot water system, cause breakages and play havoc with your life. That’s why it pays to get ready for winter with a round of regular maintenance.

Not only will you avoid a hefty repair bill, you’ll get peace of mind from knowing when you turn on the taps on a freezing cold morning, there will be no nasty surprises!

DIY spot checks are essential

Hot water systems are intricate machines that can combine electrical and gas energy supply systems. So they should be treated with respect and are best left to professionals to service.

But to keep your hot water system in good nick, there are a few ways you can take care of it yourself year round.

First of all, keep the area surrounding the unit clean and tidy, especially after a storm where debris may become lodged in its vents or panels. In winter, it’s important to ensure the hot water system’s area is kept tidy.

Another way you can keep your hot water system in good condition is to ensure that your home’s water supply is in top shape. Be on the lookout for leaks or drops in water pressure and make sure to investigate them. 

If a problem persists, call in a professional. These small problems can add up to big ones if left alone.

Professional servicing and maintenance

The best way though to ensure that your home’s hot water system is ready for winter is to bring in a qualified professional plumber like Express Plumbing.

A service will ensure that your hot water system is in top working condition and any problems that are detected can be sorted out before they affect your day-to-day life. 

If your hot water system is already playing up, it’s vital to have a professional come look at it before winter arrives. The colder months can be a busy time for plumbers, so get in quick!

Time to consider a replacement?

Finally, if your hot water system is giving you some doubts, you should consider a replacement.

There are scores of very affordable hot water systems on the market that offer great warranties, features and value for money. 

You don’t even have to have a problem with the hot water system to consider a replacement. Perhaps your family has grown and your old system can’t supply enough hot water for everyone. Whatever the reason, make sure to have a professional conduct the installation to avoid any serious problems.

Express Plumbing can service your hot water system for winter

Winter is on the way and it’s vital that your hot water system is prepared. The best way to get ready for the chilly weather is to have the professionals from Express Plumbing have a look and put it to the test.

Our highly skilled plumbers will make sure your hot water system is ready. If repairs are needed, we’ll make sure to do them quickly and properly with competitive prices. If you need a replacement, we’ll help you choose the best unit for your home and install it with pride.