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Equipment For Fixing Blocked Drains

No matter how careful you are, no matter how meticulously you tend to your beloved home – blocked drains happen. They just do. The good news is, with technology advancing at this rapid pace, it’s getting easier to sort out these congested conditions.

So while you may be tempted to take the plunge on your own, the fact is, the ability of professional plumbing tools has grown leaps and bounds, and has a much higher likelihood of rectifying your smelly situation.

There’s a variety of ways to unblock your troublesome pipes including state-of-the-art equipment boasting the latest innovation in plumbing technology. So regardless of the issue at hand, there are plenty of options to explore until the successful method prevails.

If executed by a professional plumber, the following means can assist in the effective unblocking of your drains:

Pipe Detection

Drainage systems are largely hidden from view, so while a blockage may be evident the underlying issue is not always clear. This can leave you stumped when attempting a do-it-yourself repair as there is a lot you can’t see.

Advanced pipe detection equipment allows expert plumbers to determine exactly where your drainage system is located, making the initial steps of finding the precise blockage whereabouts a whole lot easier.

CCTV Drain Camera

Relying on guess work is no way for a professional to tackle a blocked drain. With a CCTV drain camera your plumber is able to clearly see what’s happening inside the pipe via video communicated images.Once the cause of the blockage is determined, your plumber will then be able to decide on the best feasible technique to successfully unblock your drain. A tree root invasion, for example, will likely require an altered or additional approach to an obstruction in the pipe.

High Pressure Jet

One of the most effective methods for clearing your sewer and drainage system, a high pressure jet will be sure to get the job done, leaving pipes free flowing and unobstructed so they can get back to business.

High pressure jets use nothing but water – no nasty chemicals – so you can keep the environment happy as you blast away unwanted drain guests.


Excavation should be the last resort for any reputable plumber. Of course, depending on the issue, sometimes there’s no other choice; but you can expect your plumber to exhaust all other options before bringing in the big guns – the last thing anyone wants is a rabbit warren for a back yard!

Once it’s evident where the blockage is, it will be easier to isolate the area in need of excavation, keeping spoilt lawn to a minimum.

Drain Your Pipes, Not Your Wallet!

It’s highly recommended to service your drains from time to time in order to prevent major damages. Failure to maintain your plumbing system can result in expensive plumbing work that could have easily been avoided.

The drain camera is a great tool for this purpose. It provides a completely transparent view behind the scenes, giving you peace of mind if your pipes get the all-clear, or a head start on repairing what could end up a dog’s breakfast if neglected.

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