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Drainage Tips For Your Home

Drainage Plan for the Home you are Buying

If you’re in the market for a new home and feel like you might have your heart set on one in particular, you may want to first make sure you have a copy of the drainage plans.

Having one of these to hand prior to your purchase may save you dollars in the long run, especially if you plan on renovating your new home.

What is a Drainage Plan?

A drainage plan is a detailed diagram of the layout of a property, including the locations of all the pipes and drains.

The plan should also depict different types of drains on the property, and highlight where the pipes connect to the main water system. The plan should not only let you know where any of the drainage system currently is, but also if it has been moved and where the original location was.

The plan should have been updated each time a renovation affecting the plumbing has been carried out, and if it hasn’t then this could be a serious red flag, and indicate that perhaps the plumbing wasn’t done by a professional.

Why do I Need a Drainage Plan?

Drainage plans are important documents that can provide you with peace of mind when you come to buy a new home. A comprehensive drainage plan will let you know right away if there could be any plumbing problems later on down the line.

For example, if the updated drainage plan pre-dates a bathroom or kitchen renovation, this could mean new fixtures have been attached to old plumbing — a way of cutting corners that can cause many problems when new owners move in.

A drainage plan will also let you know that any prior updates to the drainage systems have been approved for safety reasons. 

Part of moving into a new home is adapting it to suit your needs. You’ll find a drainage plan very useful if you hope to make your own renovations. A plan can help identify if existing drainage will be interfered with by new extensions, decking, and also if any additional connections can be made to this pre-existing plumbing.

A plan will also be a good way of identifying ways to access the drains should there be any need for repair or unblocking.

Easily accessed pipes and drainage systems keep the costs of repair low, whereas issues may arise if flooring or decking need to be ripped up in order to fix any problems. The last thing you want is a home to be more problem than it’s worth.

A drainage plan is an important document to have in your possession should there be an emergency such as burst pipes, flooding, or chemical spillage. If attaining a drainage plan requires a fee, rest safe in the knowledge that you will most likely save more than you spend.

Hopefully, you’ll be one step closer to attaining a home that will suit all of your needs, rather than a building that will ultimately end up being a nightmare.