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Importance of Plumber Registration

Upcoming building job? Need repairs done quickly? It can be tempting to just select any handyman to fix the issue for a fast result, but it never pays off long-term.

Choosing to use an unlicensed, unqualified plumber can end up costing your business more in the long run.

In this situation, playing it safe and selecting a qualified and registered plumber is the only way to go for long-term efficiency.

Just How Important is it to Use a Qualified and Registered Plumber?

Any workers that you hire for site renovations or plumbing projects must be qualified and registered.

Not using a qualified and registered plumber can result in serious health risks for yourself and your family or colleagues.

Inexperienced or amateur plumbers should not be involved in more risky operations or practices, such as gas fittings and operations.

Saving any amount of money for your business is not worth the risk to the safety of your fellow colleagues, and when installed incorrectly can lead to multiple unwarranted expenses in the future.

Make sure you only select a highly qualified and experienced plumber with the up to date certifications suitable to the role required.

Enjoy Peace of Mind Knowing Your Project is in the Right Hands

When enlisting a professional plumber, you can be well assured that the plumber is well versed in the current building regulations and codes required for a building project to pass all relevant site approval.

Experienced and qualified plumbers know the site regulations and adhere to safe building practices required by government legislation.

Be Assured that your Warranty and Guarantees are Iron-Clad

Using a non-qualified plumber can and usually does exempt you from accessing any relevant insurance in case of damages by faulty parts.

When utilising a qualified experienced plumber, you will avoid unnecessary hassles with the insurance company in times of need.

Quality Over Quick Service

Experienced qualified plumbers heavily rely on word of mouth feedback and good reputation to keep their business operating.

When they care about the finished product, you can be assured that the job will always be completed correctly and to a high standard.

As opposed to hiring an amateur plumber, who won’t be as efficient in his work, or have the right level of experience and knowledge to be able to complete the task to a reasonable quality standard that your home or company requires.

Insurance Perks

Professional plumbers are almost always insured. If something goes wrong on the site, or something breaks, you won’t have to pay extra from your own pocket.

Experienced plumbers will take care of the issue themselves without dealing you a hefty surprise on your next invoice.

Time Is Money

It’s better to get a job done right than get it done quickly but cheaply and at a poorer quality result – this almost always turns out bad for businesses in the long run. Hiring non-qualified plumbers that don’t have enough experience in the field can result in costly time delays and problems for your business.

Bottom line, if you’re hiring a plumber – do your research and choose one with a good reputation and feedback, up to date relevant qualifications and legitimate registration details.

Don’t risk costly mistakes by hiring an amateur.