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Blocked Drains? The Cause Could Be In The Garden!

Does your water pressure seem to be weak throughout your home? Or perhaps your toilet hasn’t been flushing well for the past few days. You might have tried to find the reason behind the problem but you can’t seem to figure out what is causing your blocked drains.  The answer could be tree roots. Even when we cut down trees in our gardens, the roots can continue to grow underground, cracking pipes and causing damage to our plumbing. 

Tree roots damaging pipes

Often, the plumbing damaged by tree roots connects to sewer pipes and as these are out of sight, we often don’t discover the problem until the damage has been done.  Tree roots thrive in sewer pipes because there are nutrients, water and oxygen inside them – the perfect recipe for roots to grow.  

How tree roots cause problems for your plumbing

Warm water flowing through sewer pipes creates a vapour which is released into the surrounding, cooler soil. Tree roots gravitate to this vapour, which generally escapes through a small crack in pipes, or loose joints. Once the tree root reaches this area, they push their way into the pipe.  Inside the pipe, the roots will continue to spread, filling the pipe with root masses which clog your pipes as they catch oils, grease, grit, household fats and other waste that travels down your pipes.  The bad news is that if it is your tree causing the sewer pipe problem then you will be responsible for fixing the damage. The good news is we can help repair tree root disasters. 

High pressure jets

Express Plumbing has state-of-the-art technology to help rid your pipes of tree root blockages.  Our high-pressure water jets blasts roots out of pipes, clearing the way for water to flow smoothly once again.  The benefits of high pressure jets are endless. No toxic chemicals are used, so your water system won’t become contaminated. High pressure jets also don’t use any cutting devices so your pipes remain in tact. The method also cleans your plumbing 30% better than traditional methods, meaning you can go for longer periods between cleans, allowing you to save money. 

Trenchless drain and pipe relining

Express Plumbing can also use its technology to help prevent root damage to your pipes in the future. By infiltrating cracked and deteriorating drains using our remote technology, we can seal damaged drains with resin-coated sleeves. This sleeve is then inflated and as the resin dries it hardens, creating a pipe within a pipe. This method is extremely efficient and doesn’t involve any needless trenches or digging, causing minimal disruption to your home and garden while we repair the pipes. This method is also guaranteed to protect your plumbing from further tree root damage. 

Maintaining tree roots to prevent damage

One of the best ways to avoid tree root damage is to be vigilant and stop any potential problems before they become an issue. Prevention is the key and with our CCTV drain camera we can inspect your pipes and clear your drains before disaster strikes. This helps to keep any tree root problems under control, saving you money.  Having a pipe crack and damage done to your water supply can be very stressful. Avoid this stress through regular maintenance and monitoring and you can prevent emergency plumbing procedures in the future.