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Need Expert Toilet Repairs or Installation, Fast? You Need Express Plumbing

We specialise in toilet repairs. So that you don't have to!

With 20+ year’s experience, we have seen – and solved – it all. We know what works and what doesn’t. What can be repaired and what should be replaced.

Don’t waste your time struggling with a mess. Don’t waste your money on symptom-only servicing. Call Express Plumbing for comprehensive, professional plumbing solutions and exceptional service. We get it right the first time.

Sometimes repair isn’t an option. Express Plumbing manages replacement of your toilet, from new model selection to installation. Save yourself hours of legwork and costly mistakes. With Express Plumbing on the job, you can get back to yours.

Fast-track your solution. Get Express Plumbing.

Left unattended, small issues with your toilet can quickly become unsanitary disasters. Don’t wait for an emergency. Call Express Plumbing at the first hint of trouble. Our local plumbers arrive quickly, diagnose the problem accurately, and provide a fixed-quote before undertaking work. We don’t stop at symptoms. We get to the source of the trouble. And resolve it. Save your time and money. Bypass recurrences. Avoid costly crises. And leave the clean-up to the experts. Get Express Plumbing today.

Update your bathroom? Reduce your water use by up to 30%? No choice? Express Plumbing takes the guesswork, legwork, and hassle out of selecting and installing your new toilet. We ensure compatibility between your new model and existing arrangement. We source, take delivery, and install your new unit with a single visit. We take enormous care to fit your toilet securely, with minimal impact to your tiles and fittings. We think of everything, so you can think of everything else.

Blocked toilets can quickly turn into unsanitary overflows. If yours isn’t flushing, or the water is rising, don’t flush again. Do call Express Plumbing. Our experienced plumbers arrive quickly, carrying the essentials for unblocking your toilet and cleaning the mess. We know what can be repaired and what must be replaced. We propose a solution that treats the problem – not the symptoms. We offer a fixed-quote, and competitive pricing. Let’s get it solved. Because we shouldn’t keep meeting like this.

Your leaking toilet could be costing you more than you realise. Toilet leaks waste thousands of litres of water every year – bad for the environment and your budget. Water pooling around the base can deteriorate your flooring and seep through, causing structural damage beneath. Germ-laden puddles carry disease. And DIY efforts, including over-tightening floor bolts, can exacerbate the problem and break your toilet. Protect your property, health and budget. Call Express Plumbing. We’ll look after your interests.

We believe in repairing whenever possible. But sometimes replacement is the only safe option. Cracked bowls, tanks and cisterns cannot be repaired in a responsible or lasting way. Without replacement, toilet leaks become steadily worse. Heath risks and water bills mount. Damage to the surrounding area accelerates. And the likelihood and scale of a flood grows exponentially. Trade your problem for peace of mind. Contact Express Plumbing for cost-effective, full service toilet installation.

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