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Low Water Pressure in Shower

We banish low hot water pressure. Brace yourself for impact.

Low water pressure in the shower – particularly low hot water pressure – is a daily frustration. It’s also an indication of trouble further down the line. Don’t suffer in silence. It could be costing you more than frustration. Call Express Plumbing.

Our Water Renewal Service restores pressure and transforms the quality of your drinking water, often the same day. Using non-invassive methods, we examine your pipes, from tap to mains. We replace leaky, corroded pipes using no-rust materials, backed by a 7-year guarantee.

Stop suffering today. Call Express Plumbing. We help you thrive under pressure.

Learn how Express Plumbing reverses your low hot water pressure.

Low water pressure is aggravating enough. But it can also indicate significant plumbing issues. Express Plumbing examines your pipes, from tap to mains, without disruption or mess. We quickly determine whether the cause is specific to an individual tap, or systematic. We discuss your repair or replacement options. Leave the guesswork to amateurs. Get precise, evidence-based diagnoses and targeted solutions. Contact Express Plumbing today.

Express Plumbing’s Water Renewal Service restores your water pressure and quality to optimal levels. We examine your system from every tap right the mains, using non-invasive diagnostic tools. We address the problem at it’s source, whether it’s a local blockage specific to one tap, or system-wide pipe corrosion. You won’t realise the full extent of your problem until you experience our solution. Get all the pressure you can handle. Contact Express Plumbing.

Low water pressure is often caused by aging galvanised pipes. As they deteriorate, leaks develop, your water bills climb, and your pressure drops. Rust and sediment enter your drinking, leaving it cloudy and tasting metallic. Express Plumbing restores your water pressure and purity by replacing corroded pipes. Using light equipment and non-invassive diagnotic tools, we get the job done with neatly and efficiently. Our no-rust materials, backed by a 7-year guarantee, mean no repeats. Get maximum pressure and a permanent solution. Call Express Plumbing.

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