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Out of service? Call an Express kitchen, laundry and bathroom plumber.

No service is not an option. Express Plumbing treats the engine rooms of your home with urgency. We’re local, so we arrive quickly. We come ready to work, in fully stocked vans, equipped with essential parts, tools and wet vacs. We diagnose the problem, without creating further mess, using non-invasive technologies. We identify any underlying issues, and provide an on-the-spot, fixed-price quote. We get the job done right, the first time, and get you back on track.

The hardest working rooms deserve the hardest working plumbers. Call Express Plumbing for fast, effective service today. We get you back on track.

Express is your bathroom, kitchen and laundry plumbing one-stop-shop.

Blocked kitchen basins occur when food particles, grease, and fats find their way down your drain. They solidify as they cool, forming a residue. Over time, it builds up, narrowing passages and triggering back ups.

Express Plumbing attacks blockages with leading-edge technology, getting your drains 30% cleaner than traditional methods. Our CCTV drain cameras confirm when the job is done and assess the health of your system.

Hair and soap scum are the usual culprits behind a blocked shower, bath or basin. Hard objects, particularly small toys, absorbent materials, feminine hygiene products and wipes, or excessive tissue paper can block a toilet.

Express Plumbing has been clearing drains for more than 20 years. The triggers haven’t changed, but our methods have. Using the latest tools and CCTV cameras, we clear blockages, clean your drains, and confirm the health of your system. Get modern solutions with minimal disruption. Call Express.

Lint, dirt, mud, soap scum, tissue paper, buttons, coins, safety pins and other small objects (including lego and Barbie shoes), are all potential triggers for a blocked laundry trough.

Express Plumbing uses the latest technologies to dislodge obstructions and clean your drains. Using the latest technology, we get your pipes 30% cleaner than traditional methods. Our CCTV drain camera inspections verify the job is complete and provides insight into the overall health of your drains.

Call Express for dislodgement without disruption.

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