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Rheem Hot Water Systems

Rheem Mains Pressure Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

Rheem has Gas Storage Water Heaters to fit every circumstance.

Rheem is Australia’s largest supplier of gas water heaters. With 70 years experience, Rheem is synonymous with efficiency, durability, and performance.

Rheem’s gas water heaters deliver mains pressure hot water to multiple taps, without losing power. Their hot water recovery technology replaces hot water as it’s being used, for near-continuous supply. Inbuilt adjustable mixing valves allow some models to deliver hot water at different temperatures to different taps.

For gas storage with constant pressure, fast recovery and flexibility, explore Rheem.

We know Rheem Gas Storage Water Heaters like our own backyard.

As the largest supplier and manufacturer of gas storage hot water systems in Australia, Express Plumbing has been working with Rheem products for more than 20 years. Their mains pressure hot water systems are our preferred solution for households of all sizes, seeking energy efficiency, durability and an impressive array of features.

When it comes to sizing and installing your Rheem water heater, Express Plumbing gets it right every time. With immediate access to new Rheem systems, we can often install your new water heater, and remove your old unit, the same day.

Get mains pressure hot water service and expert installation, today. Call Express Plumbing.

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