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AquaMAX Hot Water System

AquaMAX Hot Water Service

Get reliable hot water at mains pressure.

AquaMAX has been manufacturing high-efficiency gas hot water systems at their award winning plant in Moorabbin, Victoria, for more than 25 years.

AquaMAX Five Star Gas water heaters come in a range of sizes, catering for most properties. Built for mains pressure, AquaMAX units maintain power even during periods of intense use. Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, they are corrosion-resistant and store water at higher temperatures than standard systems. Every storage unit is backed by a 10 year cylinder warranty.

Express Plumbing brings 20+ experience to every AquaMAX installation.

  • Extensive installation experience
  • Comprehensive product knowledge
  • Accurate sizing and selection
  • Immediate access to new units
  • Removal of old systems

For 20+ years, Express Plumbing has been supplying, installing, repairing and maintaining AquaMax Gas Hot Water Storage Systems. With decades of hands-on experience, we know what works and what doesn’t. AquaMAX remains an Express Plumbing preferred manufacturer due to the exceptional quality and durability of their stainless steel storage cylinders.

Our long association with AquaMAX means that we get it right when it comes to sizing your unit, and we get it straight away. Our licensed plumbers and gas fitters safely disconnect and remove your old system, before expertly installing your new corrosion-resistant, mains pressure hot water supply.

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Explore Aquamax Hot Water Systems

AquaMAX G390SS

The AquaMAX G390SS boasts capacity, flexibility, and efficiency.

With a 155 litre tank, the G390SS is AquaMAX’s largest delivery gas storage delivery system. Delivering up to 390 litres in the first hours, it is ideally suited to larger homes and households with high usage rates. Its 5 star energy rating ensures that energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions are kept in check, even when volumes are high. Stainless steel construction and a 10 year warranty ensure the G390SS’s long-term performance.

The G390SS’s patented, in-built mixing valve provides customisation. By installing an additional, optional twin temperature delivery mechanism, the G390SS is able supply hot water of different to different rooms. For example, 65°C hot water supply in the kitchen and laundry, where hotter water is required, and 50°C, or lower, in the family bathroom, to prevent accidental scalding of young children.

Get customisation, convenience, and conservation with the AquaMAX G390SS.

Dimensions (mm) 1625 (h) x 520 (w) x 610 (d)
Star Rating 5
Tank Capacity (litres) 155
Gas Rate (Mj/h) 40
Weight (kg) 65
Warranty 10 year warranty on cylinder
  • Aquamax Gas Water Heater Specs
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AquaMAX G270SS

The AquaMAX G270SS Gas Storage Hot Water System combines the durability of stainless steel with a compact design, making it both corrosion resistant and easy to install.

The G270SS’s stainless steel construction is reinforced by a 10 year cylinder warranty, making it a formidable system with long-term staying power.

The G270SS commands an impressive 5 star energy rating, due to its high efficiency gas burner technology. This efficiency, combined with the merits of natural gas, translate to significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions and energy bills than most standard gas storage systems.

With a 130 litre tank, the G270SS can generate 270 litres of untempered 60°C hot water in the first hour of use. Combined with a 10 Year cylinder warranty, the AquaMAX offers value, capacity and reliability.

Dimensions (mm) 1410 (h) x 475 (w) x 565 (d)
Star Rating 5
Tank Capacity (litres) 130
Gas Rate (Mj/h) 33
Weight (kg) 46
Warranty 10 year warranty on cylinder
  • Aquamax Gas Water Heater Specs
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AquaMAX G340SS

The G340SS is specifically designed for new properties, fitted with approved anti-scalding temperature valves.

These mandated tempering valve are installed on the hot water line, restricting water to a maximum of 50°C.

Boasting a 5 star energy rating, the G390SS is an efficient and cost effective source of hot water. With a 155 Litre tank, it delivers 340 Litre in the first hour, making it an appropriate option for medium and large households. The G340SS’s stainless steel construction makes it corrosion resistant, and suited to external installation. High efficiency gas burner technology, and a 10 year cylinder warranty, ensure the G340SS delivers value for money over time.

Get energy efficiency, stainless steel construction, and safety-compliance with the AquaMAX G340SS.

Dimensions (mm)1635 (h) x 520 (w) x 610 (d)
Star Rating5
Tank Capacity (litres)155
Gas Rate (Mj/h)40
Weight (kg)65
Warranty10 year warranty on cylinder
  • Aquamax Gas Water Heater Specs
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