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Hot Water Service Repairs

Our hot water system repairs give you a warm feeling.

A sudden change in your hot water service may be caused by a minor problem, easily fixed by a licensed plumber. Or, it may indicate a significant issue. Restore hot water service and avoid property damage with a quick call to Express Plumbing.

We strive to extend the life of your hot water system, defaulting to repair over replacement, wherever feasible. Learn how our Maintenance Program optimises your system’s performance and efficiency.

Hot water, gas, and electricity form a dangerous combination. For swift, safe repairs, call Express Plumbing. And enquire about our anti-scalding Safety Valve installation.

Learn more about Express Plumbing's hot water service repairs.

If you have no hot water at all, the problem may be that the pilot light has gone out, the pilot is faulty, or there may be an issue with your gas supply. Contact Express Plumbing. Our licensed plumbers arrive quickly, carrying replacement parts for major hot water service makes and models. We correctly diagnose the core issue and resolve it. Restore your hot water service quickly and safely. Call Express.

If you have hot water service, but it isn’t hot enough, DO NOT attempt to correct the problem. Incorrect thermostat adjustment could lead to accidental scalding. Call Express Plumbing. Our registered plumbers carry essential replacement parts for most major brands and models with us. Whether a faulty dip tube or incorrect thermostat settings are to blame, we safely and swiftly restore your hot water service.

Has your household grown? Children suddenly teenagers? The system that served you well in the past may not be capable of meeting your expanding needs. Express can help you make the hot water go further. We install water-saving showerheads, and fit your shower, tub, and basins with flow control valves. Or, you can upgrade to a new system for a constant, ample supply of hot water. Explore your options. Contact Express.

Properly functioning hot water systems produce some condensation. A small wet patch is normal. If your system produces a constant stream, creating a sizeable puddle or filling a bucket over 24 hours, contact Express Plumbing immediately. We turn up repair-ready, with replacement parts for most major brands and models. If replacement is necessary, we provide advice, supply and installation services. Avoid leaks, floods and property damage, and loss of hot water service. Call Express Plumbing for expert service today.

If your pipes produce noise when using your hot water service is in use, contact Express Plumbing. Clogged pipes, tightly fitted brackets, or incorrect thermostat settings may be to blame. DO NOT alter your thermostat, as it may cause accidental scalding. Call Express Plumbing. Our experienced plumbers quickly and accurately diagnose the situation. We discuss your options and provide a fixed-price quote before proceeding. For expert advice, call Express today.

If your water or energy bills suddenly spike, your hot water service may be to blame. Older systems are prone to rust, triggering leaks, flooding, and significant property damage. Even a small hot water leak can seriously increase your utility bills. Call Express Plumbing. We conduct a complete examination of your hot water and, wherever possible, restore service. If replacement is unavoidable, we advise, supply and install the best hot water service for your circumstances. Call Express for expert advice.

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