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Hot Water Systems

For reliable hot water service Melbourne turns to Express Plumbing.

Started the day with a cold shower? Make it your last. Call Express Plumbing.

Faulty pilot lights? Hot water running cold? Water not hot enough? We fix it all. We turn up repair-ready, equipped with 20 years’ experience and a van carrying essential parts for most major models. Get yourself back in hot water. Call Express Plumbing today.

Every hot water system has a use-by-date, but we won’t call time on yours prematurely. Plan for replacement at a moment of your choosing – not in the middle of an emergency. Learn how our maintenance services can keep your service running smoothly, below.

Is your hot water system decades old and rusting? Not enough hot water for everyone? Detect a leak? Sometimes, replacement is the only option. Express Plumbing guides you through the maze of options, identifying the right solution for your needs and property. We source and install your new unit, and take the old one away. Stop timing your showers and coming away cold. Get an upgrade with Express Plumbing.

Hot Water Repairs

Stop shivering. Stop racing family members to the shower. Stop checking the pilot. Call Express. We get your hot water running. Quickly and safely. Find out more.

Hot Water Supply & Installation

Gas or electric? Continuous or storage? Energy efficiency? Capacity? Specifications? Not sure? You don't need all the answers. You just need us. Find out how.