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Gas Leak Detection

Get fast, safe, reliable gas leak repairs with Express Plumbing.

Gas is highly combustible and poses serious risks. If you suspect a gas leak, call Express Plumbing immediately on 1300 968 328 for locally-based plumber. Express Plumbing uses the most advanced diagnostic and repair technology available. Working quickly and accurately, we confirm your leak, locate the source, and secure your property.

We provide an on-the-spot, fixed-price quote before undertaking repairs. And we stick to it. We conclude our service with a complimentary Carbon Monoxide Test, valued at $280, and an 18 Point Plumbing Check. Keep your property safe. Call Express Plumbing.

Learn How Express Resolves Gas Leaks Quickly and Accurately.

Gas is highly flammable and poses serious risks. If you smell gas from gas appliances, feel dizzy, or suspect a leak for any reason, call Express Plumbing immediately on 1300 968 328. Then, turn off your gas appliances. Ventilate the property by opening windows and doors. Do not use electrical appliances, overhead lights, or open flames. Move to a safe location until we arrive. Don’t take chances. Get safe, reliable assistance. Call Express.

Express Plumbing quickly locates your gas leak and secures your property, using the most advanced diagnostic tools and technologies. We detect and pinpoint even the smallest leaks, protecting your property and yourself from serious health risks, including carbon monoxide poisoning. Every Express Plumbing repair is verified using the same technology. Get cutting-edge solutions and peace of mind. For safe, reliable, expert service, call Express.

Gas heaters, appliances, and plumbing lines require proper ventilation and regular servicing by licensed plumbers to operate safely. Gas and carbon monoxide leaks carry extreme health and safety risks. Don’t exposure yourself or your property to danger. Contact Express Plumbing to discuss a maintenance program today. Beware: all plumbers are not licensed gas fitters. Don’t accidentally choose an incomplete solution. Get full-service repairs and maintenance with Express Plumbing.

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