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Gas Heater Repairs

Keep warm. Get Express Plumbing's space, wall, and ducted heating repairs.

  • Freezing?
  • Smell gas?
  • Appliance 'whistling'?
  • Pilot won't light, 'pops', or goes out?
  • Yellow flame?
  • Walls surrounding heater hot or discoloured?

Did you know that gas heaters require servicing at least every two years, prior to seasonal use?

Malfunctioning gas heaters pose serious health and safety risks, including fire and poisoning. If you detect a problem, call Express Plumbing on 1300 968 328.

We invest in the latest diagnostic technologies to accurately identify and correct emerging issues, before they become crises. Our licensed plumbers and gas fitters arrive in fully-stocked vans, to reduce service time. We provide competitive, fixed-price-quotes before undertaking repairs. And we stick to them.

Get maximum performance and peace-of-mind with Express Plumbing’s repairs and maintenance.

Stop Shivering. Call Express Plumbing For Same-Day Gas Heater Repairs.

Express Plumbing has 20+ years experience installing, maintaining and repairing all major brands of ducted gas heating. Your gas heater should be serviced every two years, at the beginning of the cold season. Call Express Plumbing for a thorough inspection of your system, to ensure continued performance, low running costs, and safety.

Damaged or neglected gas heaters can cause fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. If you suspect an issue, call Express Plumbing on 1300 968 328

Correctly installed wall heaters provide safe, efficient warmth – provided they are well maintained. Contact Express Plumbing for routine service every two years, at the start of the cold season. We clean and inspect your system, check your flue and gas connection, and test for leaks. If your heater isn’t functioning, signs of heat damage, smell gas or suspect a leak, contact Express Plumbing immediately on 1300 968 328.

Gas Space Heaters provide safe, effective warmth provided they properly installed and well maintained. Ensure the safety and performance of your system with pre-season servicing, every two years. Contact Express Plumbing for maintenance. We clean and inspect your heater, identify potential issues, conduct repairs.

Faulty space heaters can cause fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. If you suspect a leak or problem, call Express Plumbing on 1300 968 328.

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