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Gas Cooktop & Ovens

Our gas cooktop repairs and installation won't burn you.

Cold oven? Burners won’t light? Upgrading from electric to gas? Found the free-standing, stainless steel cooker of your dreams, only to discover your builder can’t install it? Call Express Plumbing.

Gas is the cooktop gold-standard. It is also potentially dangerous. The correct installation of gas appliances and plumbing lines is critical. Get it wrong, and you risk fire, explosion, and poisoning.

Enlist the experts. Express Plumbing delivers safe, fast, precision gas plumbing services and maintenance. All work performed by our plumbers is industry certified and workmanship-guaranteed.

Keep your gas oven and cooktop performing, and your property safe. Call Express Plumbing.

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Express Plumbing Installs Gas Appliances, and Instils Peace of Mind.

Have a gas oven sitting in the middle of your kitchen floor? Replacing cooktops? Switching from electric to gas? Many people don’t realise that gas appliances must be installed by a licensed plumber. We can help. Our registered plumbers use leading-edge technology and noninvasive methods, to expedite work and minimise disruption. Our advance leak detection equipment verifies our installation, and our complimentary Carbon Monoxide Safety Checks ensures the safety of your property. Get cooking with gas. Call Express today.

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