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Tree Root Removal

We specialise in dislodging tree roots without disrupting your garden.

Tree roots are a persistent threat to drains. Even when trees are removed, roots may continue to infiltrate cracked or deteriorating pipes, causing blockages and back ups. Express Plumbing manages the risk without damaging your landscape.

Technology is our tool of choice. Using high-pressure jets, we dislodge roots and wash them away, getting them 30% cleaner than traditional methods. We repair cracks, preventing further infiltration, using revolutionary, no-dig relining technology. No chemicals. No digging.

Removes tee roots without disruption. Call Express Plumbing.

Drive out tree roots without disrupting your landscape or life.

Express Pluming has invested in state-of-the-art technology to keep your drains free of tree roots and other blockages. Using high-pressure water jets, we easily blast through tree roots, washing them away. We don’t use toxic chemicals, threatening the health of your garden or groundwater. We don’t use cutting devices, which can damage your drains. And we get your drains 30% cleaner than traditional methods, extending periods between cleanings or eliminating them all together.

Using the latest technologies, Express Plumbing prevents tree roots from infiltrating cracked and deteriorating drains. Our revolutionary remote, trenchless relining technique seals damaged drains by inserting a resin-coated sleeve and inflating it. As the resin cures, it hardens, creating a pipe-with-a-pipe. No digging required. No disruption caused. No more entry for tree roots. Just seamless results that protect your property against further blockages and flooding.

Tree roots require vigilance. Express advocates a preventative approach to plumbing. We offer routine maintenance visits, including CCTV drain camera inspections and high-pressure jet clearing and cleaning. By regularly inspecting and clearing your drains, we keep tree roots under control. Invested in our regular service, and save yourself the expense and anxiety of emergency visits and repairs.

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