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Drain Repairs

Fixing a drain just got faster.

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Need your drains fixed, fast. Without turning your lawn into a building site. Or disturbing the neighbours. Price matters. And it needs to be done right, the first time.

No problem.

Express Plumbing performs no-dig drain repairs, using the cleanest, fastest, most effective technology available. Using CCTV cameras, high-pressure jets, and trenchless drain relining, we can repair your drains without touching a shovel.

In some cases, drains can’t be repaired. Structural damage caused by age, accident, or tree roots make replacement the only solution. We get it done without creating a secondary drama.

Get state-of-the-art drain services. Call Express Plumbing.

Our fast, efficient drain services restore order, without causing chaos.

Sometimes drain repair consists of clearing and cleaning. It can be that simple. Using nothing but water, our high-pressure jets blast through obstructions and get your drains 30% cleaner than traditonal methods. We break down the layers of residue that line and constrict your drains, and wash them away. Using CCTV cameras, we examine your cleared drains, identify any issues, and confirm the job is complete. No chemicals. No digging. No competition. Call for an Express drain repair today.

Express Plumbing uses trenchless relining technology to repair drains without disruption. We begin by pinpointing the exact location and nature of your block, using CCTV cameras. We blast through obstructions with high-pressure jets and conduct a second CCTV examination, confirming the drain is clear and identifying structural damage. We then insert our relining equipment and inflate a resin sleeve, creating a drain within a drain. A final camera inspection confirms the repair. And you go back to your life. Easy.

Whether due to age, deterioration, structural damage or root infiltration, some drains are beyond repair. When replacement is the only option, Express Plumbing takes care to contain any mess and minimise disruption. Our non-invassive diagnostic tools enable us to limit the repair areas, and focus our efforts on exactly the right spot. We use specialist, light-weight excavation equipment to reduce impact on your property. We replace your drains using high quality materials, backed by a 7-year guarantee. Once the drains are replaced, we conduct another CCTV camera inspection to confirm your drains are clear and the replacement is seamless. And we leave the site better than we found it. For the only excavation job that won’t leave scars, get Express.

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