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Drain Maintenance

Prevent blocked drains and avoid emergencies with Express Plumbing.

Some properties require ongoing maintenance. Keep drains healthy and emergencies at bay. Call Express Plumbing.

We develop feasible, custom maintenance programs based on your property’s individual needs. We schedule periodic clearing and cleaning sessions, keeping drains free from obstruction and residue build-up. Each service begins and ends with a CCTV drain examination. We identifying potential issues before they become problems.

Don’t let risk creep up on you. Avoid costly clean-ups and urgent repairs. Get preventative plumbing with Express.

Trade panic for prevention. Get regular drain maintenance with Express.

Express Plumbing protects you from blocked drains, back-ups and messy emergencies, with regular cleaning and clearing appointments. We begin and end each service by examining your drains for blockages and damage using CCTV cameras. Our high-pressure jets dislodge obstructions (tree roots) and wash them away. Layers of accumulated residue – grease, food, hair, soap scum – are broken down and flushed out. Result? We get your drains 30% cleaner than traditional methods. Cleaner drains mean fewer blockages. Prevent blocks and avoid emergencies. Call Express.

Our drain maintenance program detects emerging issues before they can escalate. We begin and end every service with a CCTV camera inspection. Should cracks appear, Express Plumbing has a revolutionary solution: trenchless drain relining. First, we clear away obstructions and residue, using our high-pressure jets. We then insert and inflate a resin sleeve. The resin hardens, creating a fitted, durable drain-within-a-drain. No mess. No excavation. No damage to your outdoor paving or landscape. Just results, without disruption. That’s Express.

You can reduce the risk of blockages by never putting the following items down your drain: Hygiene Products. Don’t flush tampons, sanitary pads, nappies, baby-wipes, and ‘flushable’ wipes. Dispose of through the rubbish. Chemicals. Paints, solvents, and so-called drain liquid are toxic, and damaging to your drains and the environment. Consult your local council regarding safe disposal. Grease And Cooking Oil. Chill fats until solid. Pour cooking oils into non-recyclable containers. Put both in the rubbish.

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