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Drain and Sewer Cleaning

Get Express drain cleaning, Melbourne. And avoid carpet cleaning tomorrow.

Your drains see a lot of action. Over time, residue from grease, hair, and food builds up. Foreign objects get stuck, and debris accumulates. All pipes can get blocked, but earthenware pipes still found in older suburbs are even more at risk.

When wastewater stops moving down, it starts coming back up. Flooding your property.

Don’t wait to do battle with raw sewerage. Call Express Plumbing for drain and sewer clearing today.

Using the latest technology, we are twice as effective as traditional methods. Our high-pressure jets blast through obstructions and wash away residue. Our CCTV cameras locate blockages, identify risks, and confirm the job is done.

Express Plumbing cleans your drains and reduces your risk. Quickly and easily.

Learn more about our drain and sewer cleaning services.

Depending upon the location of the drain, blockages may be caused by: Food, grease, or chemicals poured down kitchen sinks; Hard objects (small toys), absorbent materials (nappies, tampons, wipes), or excessive paper flushed down toilets; Hair and soap scum in sinks, baths, and basins; Rocks, leaves, sticks and dirt, following a heavy storm; Tree root infiltration of broken or misaligned pipes; Structural damage due to age, deterioration or digging accidents.

Express Plumbing uses advanced technology to get your drains 30% cleaner than traditional methods. Our CCTV drain cameras show us – and you – exactly what’s happening inside your drains. Using high-pressure jets, we easily dislodge and flush out the toughest obstructions. Residue build-up, consisting of grease, soap scum, hair, and mineral deposits, is broken down and washed away. Our cameras confirm when the job is done. No toxic chemicals. No thrashing electric eels. Just innovation. And results. Call Express.

Drain and sewer cleaning can be a one-off or ‘as-needed’ event. Accessing Express Plumbing’s high-pressure jet service extends periods between blockages, and can eliminates them altogether. In some circumstances, however, regular, ongoing drain maintenance may be required. If your property is older, or has a history of blockages, talk to Express Plumbing about the feasiblity of a drain maintenance program. Regularly scheduled cleanings, using our high-pressure jets, could save you from costly repairs and clean-ups. Get preventative plumbing with Express.

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