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Drain and Pipe Relining

No-dig pipe relining rebuilds your plumbing without scratching the surface.

Fix your broken drains and pipes the old way. Or the Express Plumbing way.

Traditional methods remain crude: dig and replace. And they create as much disruption as they resolve. Excavation triggers a second round of repairs, to reinstate your outdoor area. More time, money, and frustration.

Express Plumbing offers a one step solution: trenchless relining. Every job we perform is code compliant, industry certified, workmanship-guaranteed, and backed by public liability insurance.

We repair – not replace – your drains and pipes, without ever breaking ground. Using pioneering materials and non-invassive technologies, we insert a resin-coated sleeve into your damaged pipe. We inflate it. And it cures, forming a pipe-within-a-pipe.

Simple. Seamless. Ingenius. That’s Express Plumbing.

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Trenchless relining is our no-dig solution for repairing cracked and broken pipes. First, we clear and clean the pipe, using high-pressure jets. Next, we confirm the scope of the repair using drain cameras. We then insert a resin-coated sleeve and bladder, using a long, flexible rod. We position the sleeve, inflating it to fit the interior of the pipe. As the resin cures, it hardens, forming a pipe-within-a-pipe. A final camera examination confirms the repair.

The factors leading to a blocked pipe or drain varies according to use. Some common triggers include:

  • hard objects or hygiene products flushed down the toilet;
  • grease and food build up in kitchen drains;
  • hair and soap-scum in bathroom drains;
  • structural damage caused by age or deterioration;
  • accidents involving diggers or machinery;
  • tree root infiltration; and
  • ground movement.

Express Plumbing uses CCTV drain cameras to examine your drains from inside. We are able to quickly assess the condition of your pipes, locate blockages, and identify the cause. By focusing our repair work on a precise location and issue, CCTV cameras reduce our timeframes. Critically, they also allow us to confirm that the job has been done. The faster and more accurately we work, the more time and money you save on genuinely superior results.

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