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Blocked Drains? Express Plumber Melbourne

Express Plumbing solves your blocked drains fast.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues you may have blocked drains:

* Unpleasant smells
* Gurgling noises
* Shower or bath slow to drain
* Toilet water levels too high, or too low
* Wastewater coming up through your drains
* Raw sewerage flooding your property
You need a plumber fast! Blocked Drains can cause all the above symptoms as well as major damage. With quick attention and our same-day-service Express Plumbing can have your drains back to full working order, before your concerns turn into panic. On arrival we assess the blockage and quickly resolve the problem at its source to prevent further damage to your drains or home.

Our expertise is backed by credentials (beware of unregistered ‘drain cleaners’ without plumbing licenses). With 25 years experience repairing blocked drains in Melbourne’s Easter suburbs, our judgement and reputation are grounded in history. But our dedication to sourcing innovative solutions is cutting-edge.

We carry with us the most innovative plumbing technology currently available. Using thermal and radio leak and pipe detectors, CCTV drain cameras, high-pressure jets, and trenchless relining techniques, we repair and maintain your drains without breaking ground. No toxic chemicals. No excavation. No costly landscaping or paving restoration aftermath. And we do it within hours, not days.

Get your drain problems solved without creating new ones. Call Express Plumbing for a disruption-free solution today.

Drain & Sewer Cleaning

Blocked drains and sewers are ticking time bombs. Express Plumbing defuses the situation. We clear your lines using CCTV drain cameras and high-pressure jets.

Drain Repairs

Drain repairs range from basic (removing a toy) to advanced (trenchless pipe relining). Scope varies. Our approach doesn't. Using the latest innovations, we create the least disruptive solutions.

Drain Maintenance

Some drain issues require vigilance. Don't wait for disaster to strike. Avoid it all together. Learn how Express's preventative plumbing maintenance service keeps your drains in consistent working order.

Drain & Pipe Relining

Express Plumbing's trenchless drain and pipe relining service is nothing short of revolutionary. Learn how we repair your plumbing lines in hours, without digging or disruption.

Camera Drain Inspections

Our CCTV drain cameras show us exactly what's happening inside your pipes. They focus our efforts, hone our solutions, and confirm results. Who needs a crystal ball?

Tree Root Removal

Don't sacrifice your trees to save your drains. Find out how Express Plumbing keeps your lines clear, property safe, and garden healthy, using high-pressure jets and CCTV cameras.