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We Use Technology To Do Things Better, Faster, and Smarter.

Adrian Shevlin

Express Plumbing and Gas

Plumbing is our profession. Innovation is our difference.

Starting out as a Master Plumber I began Express Plumbing nearly 25 years ago, as a single-provider business servicing the Melbourne suburbs of Mt Waverley.

Over this time I’ve grown the business to service other suburbs around central Melbourne City.

As a plumber the years of experience has led me to two questions which are at the heart of everything we do at Express Plumbing and Gas:

• How can we use the latest plumbing innovations to get jobs done better, faster, and with minimal mess for our clients?

• How can we give our clients the same kind of service we like getting, ourselves?

Today, our team of specialists service Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs, Inner Melbourne and Bayside Melbourne. We’re equipped with the latest innovations and technology and we solve plumbing problems better, faster, and with less mess, saving our clients time and money.

I welcome new clients to our service and look forward to delivering exceptional customer services to you.



5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Express Plumbing


We are called 'Express Plumbing' for a reason.

Service Focused

We are called 'Express Plumbing' for a reason.


We are called 'Express Plumbing' for a reason.


We are called 'Express Plumbing' for a reason.


We are called 'Express Plumbing' for a reason.