Need an Emergency Plumber Melbourne?

  • Smell gas?
  • Toilet water rising or overflowing?
  • Flooding or water leaking?
  • Bath or sink won't drain?
  • Foul smelling drains?
  • No hot water?

You need emergency plumbing services. Call us on 1300 968 328.

Timing is critical. Our plumbers, drainers, and gas-fitters are local. We get there fast. Minimise potential damage to your property and possessions. Call Express Plumbing today.  

We turn up prepared. Our vans carry a wide range essential parts and state-of-the-art diagnostic tools. We shut down the problem, pinpoint the source, and fix it.   

We conduct a complimentary 18 Point Plumbing Check, ruling out further problems before ensuring the safety of your property.  

We get the job done.


Get Express Emergency Plumbing. And get back to your life.

If you smell gas or notice an increase in your bill, you may have a gas leak. Gas is highly combustible. A leak presents serious health and safety risks, including carbon monoxide poisoning. Call Express Plumbing urgently on 1300 968 328. Using diagnostic technology, our licensed plumbers and gas-fitters quickly secure your leak. We then conduct a complimentary Carbon Monoxide Test, valued at $280, to ensure your ongoing safety. Don't take chances. Call now.

Burst pipes don't always present as a flood or waterfall. Ceiling stains, musty wall patches, low water pressure, and unusually high bills indicate a growing problem. Stop the flow of water and prevent further damage. Contact Express Plumbing without delay. Concealed within walls and ceilings, leaks can spread undetected. Symptoms may appear far from their source. Our Thermal Infrared Cameras & Pipe Locators  are used to pinpoint the origin of the problem, eliminating guesswork and minimising structural damage. Stem the tide. Get targeted solutions with Express.

Foul odours? Gurgling sounds? Bath won't drain? Toilet water rising, or won't fill? Raw sewerage flooding your property? Call Express Plumbing for emergency blocked drain repair. We secure your property and restore order using the most advanced plumbing technologies available. Thermal leak detectors and CCTV drain cameras quickly and accurately pinpoint your blockage. Our high-pressure jets easily break through obstructions, washing them away. And our noninvasive drain relining restores your lines without digging. Get speed and precision. Call Express.

Rising bowl water? Toilet not flushing, Gurgling noises? Leaking base? Flooding? Raw sewerage? We understand your urgency. Toilet emergencies are particularly alarming. Call us on 1300 968 328 for immediate assistance. We move quickly to contain the situation, identify the cause, and minimise impact on your home. Our vans are equipped with the most commonly required parts and tools, enabling us to get the job done quickly and thoroughly. Let us restore order to your home.

Water backing up through your drains? Toilet overflowing? Wastewater or raw sewerage flooding your property? Broken water pipes. Call Express Plumbing for emergency service. Our licensed plumbers arrive quickly to secure your property and prevent further damage. Using the most advanced plumbing technology, including CCTV drain cameras and radio pipe detectors, we quickly pinpoint the source of your flood. Using radical, proven, no-dig pipe relining, we repair and restore your system. Stop the flood. Call Express now.

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