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Rheem Hot Water Systems

Rheem Mains Pressure Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

Rheem has Gas Storage Water Heaters to fit every circumstance.

Rheem is Australia's largest supplier of gas water heaters. With 70 years experience, Rheem is synonymous with efficiency, durability, and performance.  

Rheem's gas water heaters deliver mains pressure hot water to multiple taps, without losing power. Their hot water recovery technology replaces hot water as it's being used, for near-continuous supply. Inbuilt adjustable mixing valves allow some models to deliver hot water at different temperatures to different taps.

For gas storage with constant pressure, fast recovery and flexibility, explore Rheem.

We know Rheem Gas Storage Water Heaters like our own backyard.

  • Preferred solution for gas storage features
  • Deep product knowledge
  • Accurate capacity selection 
  • Immediate access to new units
  • Removal of old systems

As the largest supplier and manufacturer of gas storage hot water systems in Australia, Express Plumbing has been working with Rheem products for more than 20 years. Their mains pressure hot water systems are our preferred solution for households of all sizes, seeking energy efficiency, durability and an impressive array of features. 

When it comes to sizing and installing your Rheem water heater, Express Plumbing gets it right every time. With immediate access to new Rheem systems, we can often install your new water heater, and remove your old unit, the same day.  

Get mains pressure hot water service and expert installation, today. Call Express Plumbing.

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Explore Rheem Hot Water Systems

  • Rheem Stellar 330/360

    • The Rheem Stellar 330/360 is favoured by Australian households for its 5 star energy efficiency rating and simultaneous replacement of hot water, as it's used.  

      With a 130-160 litre tank, it delivers an impressive 330-360 litres of hot water in the first hour.  Its extraordinary 200 litre per hour hot water recovery capability provides a near-constant supply.  And the water pressure never wavers.  Designed to deliver hot water at mains pressure at multiple taps, the Rheem Stellar 330/360's power remains constant, regardless of how many showers or taps are in use at once.  

      The Stellar 330/360's advanced Superflue increases performance and efficiency, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, energy usage, and power bills.  Proudly built in Australia, the Stellar 330/360 comes with a10 year cylinder and Superflue warranty.

      Get simultaneous replacement of hot water, at mains pressure, at multiple points, with Rheem Stellar 330/360.  

    • Dimensions (mm): 330 1600 (h) x 485 (w) x 558 (d)
      Dimensions (mm): 360 1900 (h) x 485 (w) x 558 (d)
      Star Rating 5
      Tank Capacity (litres): 330 / 360 130 / 160
      Gas Rate (Mj/h): 330 / 360 42 / 42
      Weight (kg): 330 / 360 70 / 80
      Warranty 10 year warranty on cylinder
    • Rheem Owners Guide and Installation Instructions pdf 793 KB Download
      Rheem Stellar Electric Gas Hot Water pdf 999 KB Download
      Rheem Stellar Gas Specs pdf 580 KB Download
  • Rheem Stellar 330 Stainless Steel

    • The Stellar Stainless Steel 330 offers the best of all Rheem gas storage features, combining mains pressure hot water, customisable mixing valves, and stainless steel construction in a single system.

      Boasting a 155 litre tank, the Stellar SS 330 provides enough capacity for even the largest family.  It delivers up to 235 litres of mains pressure hot water to multiple taps, simultaneously, without losing power.  The in-built adjustable mixing valve enables hot water of different temperature to be delivered to different taps.  With a 185 litre per hour hot water recovery system, and an additional recovery capacity of up to 50 litres per hour, via the mixing valve, supply is near-continuous. 

      Stainless steel contributes significantly to the 5 star energy efficiency rating, by allowing higher temperature settings and keeping water hotter for longer, thereby reducing energy usage.  A 10 year cylinder warranty ensures the lasting value of this versatile system.

    • Dimensions (mm) 1625 (h) x 520 (w) x 610 (d)
      Star Rating 5
      Tank Capacity (litres) 155
      Gas Rate (Mj/h) 40
      Weight (kg) 65
      Warranty 10 year warranty on cylinder
    • Rheem Owners Guide and Installation Instructions pdf 793 KB Download
      Rheem Stellar Electric Gas Hot Water pdf 999 KB Download
      Rheem Stellar Gas Specs pdf 580 KB Download
  • Rheem Small Gas Storage Water Heaters

    • Rheem provides a range of small gas storage water heaters, specifically designed to meet the needs of 1-3 person households, and properties with limited space or lower demand for hot water, such as office tea rooms or small apartments. 

      Available in 90 litre, 135 litre, and 170 litre capacities, these systems pare back volume while maintaining quality.  They are designed to deliver mains pressure hot water from multiple taps, simultaneously, without losing power.  

      Rheems' smaller gas storage water heaters also offer an easy and energy efficient replacement for older gas storage water heaters, whose performance, structure, and cost-benefit deteriorate over time.  Energy ratings and warranties vary with capacity.

      Contact Express Plumbing to learn which system best suits your needs.  

    • Star Rating 3 - 4
      Tank Capacity (litres) 90 / 135 / 170
      Warranty 5 - 7 year cylinder warranty