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Dux Hot Water System

Dux Hot Water Service

Dux dependable, economical, efficient hot water service.

Dux has produced innovative gas hot water systems since 1915. 100 years of continuous research and development has produced breakthrough technologies in gas water heating efficiency. Manufactured in Australia to the highest standard, and backed by warranty, Dux products deliver quality, efficiency and affordability.

Whether you are looking for a continuous flow or storage gas water heating system, have a household of one or seven, Dux has a gas hot water service to meet your requirements and save you money.

Express Plumbing expertly installs Dux Continuous Flow and Storage Gas Hot Water Systems.

  • 20 years installation experience 
  • Informed advice and accurate sizing
  • Continuous flow technology expertise
  • Complimentary removal of old systems

Express Plumbing's comprehensive understanding of the various features and benefits by Dux continuous flow and storage units comes from 20 years of hands-on experience. We provide expert guidance to ensure you get the right solution to meet your capacity, property, and budget requirements.  

Our long association with Dux gives us immediate access to new systems and replacement parts. We install your new system perfectly, after disconnecting and removing the old unit. And all workmanship performed by our licensed plumbers is followed by industry certification and backed by workmanship guarantees. 

For safe, fast installation of Dux continuous flow and storage gas hot water systems, call Express Plumbing.  

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Explore Dux Hot Water Systems

  • Dux Prodigy 5

    • The Dux Prodigy 5 Gas Storage Hot Water Service is compact and powerful.

      Designed to match the footprint of older, 3 star external gas units, the Prodigy 5 is smaller, easier to install, and more efficient. Delivering over 2000 litres of hot water in a 24 hour period, the Prodigy 5 is suited to larger households of 4-7 people.

      Its outstanding 5 star energy rating is the result of Dux's patented Flue Damper.  A breakthrough innovation in gas efficiency, the Dux Flue Damper dramatically reduces heat loss at the end of the heating cycle.  By retaining heat without using additional energy, the Flue Damper increases efficiency and reduces running costs.  And it does so while maintaining mains pressure flow, delivering hot water to multiple taps, simultaneously, without losing power.

      Get Australian designed and manufactured efficiency, and a 10 year tank warranty, with the Dux Prodigy 5 Gas Storage Hot Water System.     

    • Overall Height (mm) 1610 - 1910
      Star Rating 5
      Capacity (litres) 135 - 170
      Gas Rate (Mj/h): NG 23.5 - 27
      Weight (kg) 81 - 94
      Warranty 10 years tank warranty, 1 year parts and labour
    • Dux Gas Water Heaters Specs pdf 1.1 MB Download
  • Dux Prodigy 4 170z

    • The Dux Prodigy 4 170z Gas Storage Hot Water Service was developed as a high-efficiency replacement for older, 3 star external gas units.

      Designed to fit the same footprint as older models, the Prodigy 4 170z is smaller and compact, making it easier to install.  It's also more powerful, and capable of supplying households of 4-7 people.

      With a 4 star energy, the Prodigy 4 170z is both more effective and less expensive to run than older models.  It is also more convenient.  Designed for mains pressure flow, the Prodigy 4 170z delivers hot water to multiple taps, simultaneously, without losing power.  Australian designed, manufactured, and backed by a 7 year tank warranty, the Prodigy 4 170z is an investment in quality.  

      For reliable, efficient hot water supply that will save you money, call Express Plumbing and ask about the Dux Prodigy 4 170e.

    • Overall Height (mm) 1900
      Star Rating 4
      Capacity (litres) 170
      Gas Rate (Mj/h): NG 27
      Weight (kg) 90
      Warranty 7 years tank warranty, 1 year parts and labour
    • Dux Gas Water Heaters Specs pdf 1.1 MB Download
  • Dux Endurance 32 Continuous Flow

    • Dux Endurance 32 Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Service never runs out of hot water.

      While continuous flow may sound extravagant, the Endurance 32 boasts a 5 star energy rating.   Continuous flow technology heats water as it is needed, and only heats the water you actually use.  There's no energy wasted warming a tank of water that may or may not be needed.  Less energy means reduced energy bills, and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.  

      The Endurance 32 offers additional convenience with the option of installing separate temperature controllers.  These optional controllers enable customisation, delivering water of different temperatures to different taps, increasing the performance of hot-water appliances in the kitchen and laundry, for example, while preventing accidental scalding in the bathroom.  

      WIth a 10 year heat exchanger warranty and quality Australian design and manufacturing, Dux Endurance 32 is an investment you can count on. To learn more, contact Express Plumbing.

    • Overall Height (mm) 1900
      Star Rating 4
      Capacity (litres) 170
      Gas Rate (Mj/h): NG 27
      Weight (kg) 90
      Warranty 7 years tank warranty, 1 year parts and labour
    • Dux Gas Water Heaters Specs pdf 1.1 MB Download